This Saturday, April 22 we’re celebrating the 47th Earth Day. Here are a few things you can do on Earth Day and every day for the planet we call home:

Spend Time Outside
Enjoying the great outdoors helps develop an appreciation for nature and the passion to protect it. Go for bike ride, spend the day on the beach or take a nice walk. We like to enjoy a cold Big Storm on our outside deck at our Pinellas taproom.
Pairs with Helicity Pilsner, Kumquat Radler and Pirate’s Fortune.

Drink Local
Drinking local not only supports local businesses but it also helps the environment! Reducing the distance between you and your beer, helps reduce air pollution. We use locally sourced ingredients in our craft beer for this very reason.
Pairs with Havana After Midnight Coffee Porter, Open Spaces Porter and ArcusIPA.

Go Vegan or Vegetarian
Even if it’s just for one day a week, eating less meat helps conserve energy and reduced air pollution.  We have some amazing vegan and vegetarian options at our Pinellas taproom. Come taste how well Big Storm’s craft menu pairs with our craft beer.
Pairs with The American Pale Ale, Wheat Me in St. Louis and Surfline Lager.

Shop Green
Seek out environmentally conscience stores and products help keep both you and our planet healthy. Earth Fare treats every day like Earth Day. Find Big Storm at the Earth Fare in Seminole, at 7774 113th Street N, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday to sample our beers.
Pairs with Tropic Pressure Florida Ale, Palm Bender Gulf Coast IPA  and Wavemaker Amber Ale.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
It’s not just a catchy phrase it’s a way of life. Big Storm  helps reduce waste by using recycled products like Leafware®, biodegradable dinnerware made of fallen leaves, in our Pinellas taproom. We also give our spent grain to local farmers to feed their livestock. You can help by recycling Big Storm cardboard packaging and aluminum cans. Invest in reusable growlers and bring them to Big Storm every Monday for $2 off all fills.
Pairs with all Big Storm craft beers!
We only have one earth and our it’s job to keep it clean, healthy and here for the future.