CLEARWATER, FL, DECEMBER 1, 2016 – Big Storm Brewing Company is pleased to announce that Joel Moore has been promoted to Head Brewer of all brewing operations. Joel joined Big Storm in December of 2015 and spent much of the year focused on research and development at Big Storm’s Odessa location. Joel is responsible for some of Big Storm’s more popular offerings in the taprooms like the Merchant Porter, the Belgian Quad and Quintuple and the Palm Bender Gulf Coast IPA.

Joel began his career in 2005 at a brewpub in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.  Working in the brewpub afforded him the opportunity to learn how to brew a wide range of styles and cultivated a love of Belgian-style and sour ales.  In 2011, Joel left the brewpub to pursue a formal brewing education. Joel received his Diploma in Brewing Technology from the prestigious Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago and the Doemens World Brewing Academy in Munich, Germany.  After completing his education, he moved to Salt Lake City for a position of Head Brewer at Bohemian Brewery and focused on continental European-style lagers.

“This past year has been amazing at Big Storm, so has becoming immersed in the craft beer culture of Florida.  I look forward to leading our talented team of brewers in developing phenomenal craft beer and maintaining our standards of quality.” said Moore. Mike Bishop, founder of Big Storm Brewing Co., is delighted to will be taking the helm of the brewing team, “Joel’s passion and comprehensive knowledge of craft beer makes him a natural fit to lead Big Storm’s development and brewing lines.”