There is no doubt 2017 has brought about so many new trends, across all aspects of society. Memes have officially taken over the Internet. Cars can practically drive themselves. You get it. In this ever-changing world, one thing hasn’t changed… the fact that people love beer. But if you think I’m wrong, odds are you just haven’t had the right brew, yet. As the number of craft breweries continues to rise, it brings about an inevitable increase in the number of beers that consumers are deciding from—while we call this “competition”, consumers see it as “a harder decision”. There are a few year-end beer industry trends to take note of as we venture into 2018.

Let me first explain why this matters. Generally, we all agree there are two types of beer drinkers. There are “true pioneers”—they know exactly what they want, down to style, ABV, and flavor profiles. Then, there is a vast population of people who wander up and down the aisles of any given store or peruse a bar’s beer list looking for something to “jump out at them”… Sound familiar? Even those seasoned in style and specifications could admit they take a lap around a good selection of brews to spot out any new gems. Like most industries, the craft beer industry is fluid and malleable to trends and consumer inclinations. That being said—one evolution that the local craft beer industry is seeing is a movement towards newer, more artistic, and environmentally sustainable packaging.

Behold, the 16oz. cans. The “Tall Boy” isn’t a new concept, by any means. But in the world of craft beer, there is a shifting preference in the way that consumers like to enjoy their brews.

This movement to a taller, more slender can has allowed for various new opportunities. If we pretend for a second that a beer can is a canvas, then we could agree that a taller can provides the most surface area for eye-catching designs. This is crucial in capturing the attention of both pioneers and wanderers. Another factor involved is the motivation to cut down on the number of cans we bring into the market. Breakage rates are minimized when comparing bottles to cans—which is important for both production in breweries and the consumer experience. It’s also crucial to note the impact that plastic 6-pack rings has on the environment. In response to the push towards environmental sustainability, breweries will continue to evolve their packaging by utilizing cardboard box packaging and biodegradable 6-pack rings.

What About Big Storm?

Big Storm Brewing has made the switch from 6-pack 12oz. cans to 4-packs of 16oz. cans across our four core brands: Tropic Pressure Florida Ale, Palm Bender Gulf Coast IPA, Wavemaker Amber Ale, and Arcus IPA. As you may already see some of our 4-packs out and about, as you should. But if you know anything about Big Storm, when we do something… We do it BIG. As of 11/1/17 our Wavemaker and Arcus cans will feature a new look that we know you guys will love. Here’s a peak.


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