CLEARWATER, FL, January 27, 2017 – Love is in the air and it smells of sweet chocolate and ripe cherries…

Big Storm Brewing Co, a Tampa Bay craft brewery, passionately announces the release of their annual Valentine’s offering, “Lie To Me” Imperial Chocolate Cherry Stout. This extremely limited beer will be available on draft and in 750 ml bombers Feb. 11 in both of Big Storm’s taprooms.

“The 2016 release of “Lie To Me,” was so successful last year that we produced more this time,” said founder Mike Bishop. “We had a line waiting at the door when the taprooms opened at 11 a.m. and sold out within an hour,” he continued.

Made with coco nibs and cherry puree, the popularity of this stout is due to the higher ABV (11%), and balance of the fruity tang against the velvety chocolate sweetness. The female personality of the beer is evident as her aroma is chocolate candy, which is second only to roses on the best seller list around Valentine’s Day. The flavor profile on the bottle’s label describes the beer as if talking about a woman.

“She will make you stout promises, but will be gone in a heartbeat. She is full bodied (in all the right places), and meant to be savored slowly. Her perfume of bittersweet chocolate and subtle fruit will tickle your senses. Complex and creamy, she leaves a delicate lace on the glass after each sip. You will fall victim to her cherry tang that balances her velvet cocoa sweetness. Don’t delay – she is smooth, malty and only here for Valentine’s Day.”

Big Storm who is known for suggesting food pairings on their packaging, lists that there are no pairings because “she” (the beer), doesn’t like competition. Apparently, she is the jealous type.